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Con Fada Ó Drisceóil @ Teacht Thar Sáile Folk Club

(July 08, 2011)

Con Fada July 8th        What a great Night we had on July 8th .. Though the crowd was small they were great and appreciative supporters and finally got to discover where " Mike Murts Concert Room" is at !!!


Con Fada July 8th Matt Joe O Neill

   The Night was great . Matt Joe O Neill was his usual renowned self and started the night in good stead, was greeted with fond appreciation for his ability to portray our stories and tales.


Con Fada July 8th Ardú

Next up was Ardú amd we really appreciate the effort they made to be with us on the 8th. They had a great mix of music and song. Ardú put across their material with style and class and their arrangements were outstanding. Rosaleen and Peter Mullarkey introduced each piece, therefore involving their appreciative audience. Rosaleen's Playing was great, but her voice is exceptional and has an unforgettable quality about it. The songs she chose were perfect for the occasion . Peter played the Fiddle on the night and his music was fantastic, as were his harmonies. 

Fionán Casey with more strong vocals was the guitarist for the act and they were joined by  The Irish champion Bodhrán Player Kevin Larkin.

Thank you Ardú and we really enjoyed your music





We were joined also by a very special young Lady, Donna Mc Carthy, who sang and played for us. Donna is known locally for her amazing clear vocals , but we are sure that she will go far as her passion and ability for music is apparent to all who hear her and she is a fantastic young performer as well


con Fada July 8th Donna Mc Carthy




























 As for Con.. what can I say.. a gentleman and a mighty talent. A great musician and a real people person who the audience present warmed to on the spot. He sang his songs  and one by one they had us in stitches as each phrase and each tale was recounted to us with a flair that is special only to Con. 


   Thanks again to all, To Mike  and his staff and to our loyal supporters



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