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Cahersiveen Mountain Roots Music Weekend 2017

(April 28, 2017)

Cahersiveen Mountain Roots Music


   We have just celebrated a wonderful weekend here at Cahersiveen Mountain Roots Music. Now in our fourth year, the Music was suberb and enjoyed by visitors, who came from all over the country, the US, Canada, Scotland , England, Wales, France,Germany, Asia and South America... and those were only the people whom I managed to chat to!

Local people also came to enjoy and take part. The Roots Concert Room this year was a great addition. Music Lovers were able to relax and enjoy the atmospheric venue, which this year hosted: High Plains Tradition, Mick Power, Seán Garvey, Greenshine, the Iveragh Men's Choir and the Stargazers.

Sessions were enjoyable, inclusive and lively with the singers and performers who joined in affording us all with a varied mix of Roots Music. Special Mention to Ardú- Peter and Rosaleen Mullarkey and Selena O Connell who hosted a session at The Fertha, Claire Horgan, Deirdre Garvey, Linda O Mahony, Kelsey McCarthy, David Birmingham who joined in the Corner House session along with John Nyhan, High Plains Tradition,  Ritchie and I. Also  to Mick Power, Sarah Landers, Kelsey Mc Carthy, John Nyhan, Alan Clifford and David Birmingham who joined Ritchie and I for the "Mac's Melting Pot Session" at Murts.

The Roots pub trail was exceptional this year... Murts hosted The outstanding Dizzy Blues Band,  High Plains Tradition (who had a very enjoyable gig on Sunday Afternoon ) and David Birmingham and friends who included: Neil Dineen and Cormac Dineen. The Fertha hosted John Nyhan and his fast fingerd friends (Namely: Mick Power and Martin Gilmore) on Saturday and the Uplifting Hank Wedel Trio on Sunday night after the Return of the Mighty Two Time Polka who had rocked the place earlier on that afternoon. Cha Healy's hosted two local acts. Jennifer Murphy, the girl with the golden voice performed on Saturday and a local talented group -  The Reel Deal gave it Holly on Sunday.

Cráineens was a busy spot.... We had our meet and greet there on Saturday morning, where we were joined  upstairs in the Concert Room for our Meet and Greet by John Nyhan, Martin Gilmore and some of Darragh Lynch's students before heading on to the Credit union who had High Plains tradition and Martin Gilmore providing us all with a nice bit of music over there. The night time gigs were booming with Hank Wedel Trio on Saturday and The Dizzy Blues Band on Sunday.

Below: High Plains Tradition at Murts Sunday afternoon ( Photo: Séamus Ó Coileáin)

Mountain Roots 17 High Plains Tradition at Murts. Photo Séamus Pádraig O

On Saturday... we had our youth buskers who included Jordan Kelly, Áine and Cáite and Darragh Lynch's Youth Music Group ... WHAT YOUNG LOCAL TALENTS WE HAVE !!Jordon Kelly making magic at the Roots 2017

What a weekend!

Special thanks to Steve McCrohan for his generous contribution. He provided the gear and was the sound engineer for all the concerts. Also To High Plains Tradition who came from Colorado and provided us with so many performances (including at mass on Sunday am and Two concerts)... Indeed thank you to all of our musicians.

Also Thanks To CAMOS for their hospitality at the Launch, to The Credit Union and The Wild West along with all our supporters and contributors  with a special mention to Dan Dennehy and colman Quirke for their notable contnued generosity and support. ( The raffle is drawn and results will be published at the end of the week.)

I have included some videos below. Thanks to those who took some of the same for me (Alan and Ann Landers and Séamus Ó Coileáin) I have loads of more photos to upload and will get there over time( Please feel free to send me in your photos and videos!)

Below: Darragh Lynch and some of the local Youth music Group at the Launch at Camos

Mountain Roots 17. Darragh and some of his students at the Launch in CAMOS

John Nyhan and Richie at the Meet and greet2017Meet and greet 2017- Bluegrass & The Trumpet











John Nyhan and Richie warming up at The Meet and Greet above


Wow...... Trumpet playing Bluegrass and Bluegrass meets Jazz!!! Fantastic

High Plains tradition and Martin Gilmore at The Cahersiveen Credit Union

High Plains Tradition joined by Martin Gilmore at Cahersiveen Credit Union


Meet and Greet 2017 KDYS Group 2

Young performers from KDYS joining us at The Meet and greet on Saturday Morning.. great to see the young talent alive and weell in Cahersiveen!

Rosaleen and Pater Mullarkey and Richie at the open session Roots 2017

Open Session at The Fertha. Hosted by Rosaleen and Peter Mullarkey.


Sponsors & Supporters: 

            Teacht Thar Sáile Folk club = Main Sponsor

                            The Wild West event 

                              Cahersiveen Credit Union                

           Colman Quirke                                      

                 Camos (Youth Busking)               Jeffery's Chemist(Youth Busking and Raffle)


                                                             Dan Dennehy (Sponsor)

Stephen McCrohan Sound Engineer


              Murts  (Venue and RAFFLE Prize)            Cha Healy's (Venue and Raffle PRIZE)

  The Fertha   (Venue and RAFFLE Prize)                                                                                 Craineens  (Venue and Raffle Prize)                 The Corner House  Venue


    Iveragh Plumbing (Raffle Prize)                   The Oratory (Raffle Prize)

 Supervalu   (Raffle Prize)                              Devlins  (Raffle Prize)

Siveen Mandolins (Raffle prize)    Fitzpatricks sports (Raffle Prize)

Casey's Cycles (Raffle Prize)        Hillgrove Porcelian (raffle Prize)

Kerry Murphy Motors (Raffle Prize)        Jessica's Discount (Raffle Prize)

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